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Concert Jule Malischke at the Baroque Hall of the Dominicans

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Jule Malischke at the concert

Jule Malischke gained great resonance for playing an outstanding concert. She played personal compositions, newly arranged famous songs and even classical pieces. The audience was surprised by the variety of styles she mastered excellently. She felt at home in classical and modern genres alike. For every song she had a personal story. The final applause of the compentent audience, many of them guitar teachers, did non seem to find an end.

Workshop in percussive guitar techniques by Jule Malischke

In her workshop on percussion Jule Malischke gave an introduction into various ways to use the guitar body and strings for percussion. All of them hands on, for the participants easily to reproduce. In her own composition „Moondance“ (included in the new book „Play with rhythm“ by Bärenreiter Praha) she led the guitarists to play melody and percussion together and she gave much advice how to interpret it.

Julie Malischke encouraged the participants, apart from percussion, of find their own style of interpretation or arrangement, to play with passion and heart.