• PGF guests: Jule Malischke
    Your students want to play cool pop songs on the classical guitar and you feel absolutely helpless about it? Don‘t worry anymore, come to PGF! „Arranging for the modern acoustic solo guitar“ is the title of a workshop held by Jule Malischke, who is currently conquering the stages of the acoustic scene with her vibrant… Read More »PGF guests: Jule Malischke
  • Guitar Exhibition at PGF 2020
    We are proudly welcoming czech luthier Petr Láska to present his instruments at PGF 2020. He is a young and very exciting newcomer in the world of guitar making, so take the chance and try some of his instruments! The diversity of his creations reaches from very traditional guitars inspired by old guitar-making legends up… Read More »Guitar Exhibition at PGF 2020
  • PGF guests: Štěpán Rak
    “Don’t be afraid of composing for classical guitar — art of guitar chamber music composition.” This is the title of the first speech of Prague Guitar Forum 2020 that will be presented by the outstanding guitarist and composer Štěpán Rak. To approach this topic practically he will analyse a new composition for guitar by a… Read More »PGF guests: Štěpán Rak
  • PGF is taking place!
    We are very happy to announce that despite those extraordinary circumstances Prague Guitar Forum is going to take place. We invite all of you to join us for great workshops, lectures and a very special concert in the heart of Prague’s atmospheric oldtown-centre. You can look forward to two beautiful days with and about the… Read More »PGF is taking place!