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Impressions from the 2022 Forum

About Prague Guitar Forum

The Prague Guitar Forum project consists of a two-day international conference in the field of classical guitar. The Prague Guitar Forum consists of outputs on the border between lectures, workshops and the sharing of knowledge from the practice of experts and the audience. The audience of expert lectures are classical guitar teachers, especially at the level of basic artistic education. This year, we decided to give the participants different perspectives on working with rhythm. German teacher and guitarist Silvio Schneider (DE) will open the festival with a morning workshop of Latin American rhythms. Cellist Kateřina Jagla (CZ) will talk about her unique project Hey, play to those working on the topic of mental health of musicians. German guitarist, composer and teacher Jule Malischke (DE) will organize a workshop on percussion guitar techniques. Two concerts are planned for the weekend. The Baroque refectory will feature music by the German composer and guitarist Jule Malischke (DE). Guitarist duo Mareli (CZ), composed of Marbn Cába and Eliška Dedková, will perform at the final concert in Werich’s villa.

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